9 Economical Ways to Decorate Your College Apartment

9 Economical Ways to Decorate Your College Apartment

College life has been regarded as the best phase in one’s life. Here meet new people, make new relations, make new dreams and look at them as they are being achieved. In college we mainly find teens that come with their big dreams. Often it is seen that most of the college students decorate their rooms in the most efficient way. As students of college are stuck with limited funds, there is not much scope of any fancy decorations which is easily possible at homes.

Living in such small rooms doesn’t mean that you can’t have a stylish space. Decorating the rooms is bit different for girls and for boys. Also, it is our college apartment, not our home, so in that small place only, we have to do all our creativity. Some of them are of opinion that if they keep their surroundings well arranged, they get positive energy to do their work. Following are some of the best ways college students can decorate their rooms with limited funds:

1. Posters
Posters can be the most easy and economical way of decoration college room. It is less costly as compared to other decorative items and gives a room a nice look. Various types of posters can be put in students room depending upon his taste and preferences such as philosophical quotes, Funny and entertaining one liners, Posters of favorite actors/actresses or sometimes a bit adult posters too.

2. Photos of friends and families
Displaying the photos of friends and family can be a wonderful way of decorating ones room. Photos of different occasions such as birthdays, new year etc collage of friends hanging out at some place together, family photos, and any other. Photos can be presented in a most decorative way to give your room a different look.

3. Time tables
Most people who are not in creative kind of stuff can also make their room look good by displaying various chart and time tables of their daily routine or studying time table. This can give your room a simple and sober look. It may portray your studious image but can make your room look different.

4. Hanging decorative stuff
This type of decoration can be mainly find in the rooms of girls as hanging the decorative items according to the room can be mainly done by girls only. Different type of decorative hanging such as magazine holders, hanging cupboard, hanging shelves etc can be used to make your room n attractive one.

5. Handmade drawing and abstract art
One of the best ways of decorating room is to draw something by your own and put it on the walls. If one is not interested in posters and other kind of thing, he can himself be creative and draw some drawing, abstract art or anything which pleases him and put them directly on walls. He can make his walls his working paper and give his room a little artistic look. It will show your creativity and decorate your room at the same time too.

6. Displaying sports equipments
Some sportsmen who don’t know how to decorate their rooms with all that other stuff, they also can decorate their rooms with their sports equipment. Arranging the sports gear in a way that it gives a room a presentable look can also be called as decoration. For example, putting a basket and basket ball in a corner of a room can give your room a sportsman’s room look and can be also called as decorated look in a different way.

7. Putting a to-do-list board
Putting a to-do-list board can be sometimes be regarded as a decorative stuff as it gives a unique look to a room. Different colors sticky note can be used on that board to give it a stylish and unique look.

8. Installing unique lighting
Many people used to decorate their rooms just by giving it fancy lighting accessories. Different types of lights can be installed in the room such as disco lights, red colored lights, small lighting in a dark room etc. It really gives a artistic look to your room.

9. Miscellaneous items
One can also decorate their rooms with many other thing around him such as calendars, bean bags curtains, plants etc. Arranging the basic stuff such as table, chair, bed, cupboard etc in a most significant way can also be regarded as decorating the room. Their arrangement in room in best looking way can bring a nice and pleasant look to your room.