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Living With Ladies : To Bro Or Not To Bro?

Welcome back to another edition of the best blog on roomies you could ever ask for! We’re excited to welcome another guest writer, Shannon Derms, who is going to school us on the pros and cons of co-ed habitation aka living with that hot girl you saw on Tinder who just wants to be friends. Seriously folks, give it some thought and give this one a read before you shack up thinking the genders won’t collide. 

So that person applying for your room looks pretty hot, right? Well think twice, my friend, before signing them on. One of the great temptations in roommate situations is deciding whether to accept some hottie from the opposite sex. Should you do it? Maybe. But here’s a few thoughts to consider before bringing that model in under your roof.

Usually you can bet that you’ll have the least troubles with a same sex roommate. But let’s consider the difference between the guys and gals. Everyone knows that women tend to be cleaner than guys. While a guy may make a mess and leave it for you to clean, a woman may volunteer to vacuum the floor and dust furniture. Perhaps it’s that nesting instinct of her’s, but whatever the case it sure beats a pile of pizza boxes in the family room that looks strikingly similar to the Leaning Tower or Pisa. And when it comes to the bathroom, the delicate care of a woman is immeasurable compared to what a guy will do to a toilet. He isn’t going to clean the bathroom and he makes a bigger mess. It’s a formula that adds up to a housekeeping service at best.

And what about guests? If there’s one thing that seems to stand up in the theories about mating, it’s that guys pursue and chics peruse. What’s that mean to you? Well, if you have a bunch of guys living with you, they will be out and about seeking their prey and only rarely dragging it back to your pad. But a woman is much more likely to have guys over on a regular basis. After all, most times, the guy is chasing the girl. It’s almost inevitable that the he’ll chase her all the way to her home and next thing you know, you’ll have some guy sitting in his underwear eating cornflakes in your family room that you’ve never seen before. Don’t be confused by the hotness of the person you are considering. Ugly people get lucky too. If you bring in someone who you can’t imagine would have romantic luck, expect some pretty scary sites in the morning over breakfast. Of course, once someone gets a boyfriend or girlfriend, all bets are off. Standard courtship is over and unless you have rules in place, you can expect the two of them to spend 90% of their time together and in your home. Fortunately, a simple disincentive in the lease agreement can protect you from experiencing a two for one deal on roommates.

What about the daily living with someone of the opposite sex? Either sex can be incredibly handy in a pinch. Guys are great for fixing stuff and relish the opportunity to come to the rescue of a damsel in distress. They get to show off their tools and look like the expert. If you’re a guy, then this isn’t so important because you probably already know how to perform basic repairs anyway. But a guy can be an incredible asset to the woman who isn’t too handy or can’t fathom the thought of killing a spider. Women on the other hand have some great advantages that guys are often oblivious. Top and foremost, they cook. Not all cook. And not all cook well. But odds are that pretty lady will be a better cook than the guy you just interviewed. But if you are going to be sharing menus, brace yourself to do the other half and wash the dishes, take out the trash, and foot part of the bill in return. Yes my friends, it’s almost like being married. Of course if you don’t establish a mutual exchange for cooking then you’ll just end up locking yourself in a room trying to ignore the seductive aromas of the kitchen because you know you can’t have any.

Of course there are other perks to same sex roommates. You’ll probably enjoy the same activities and have more to talk about. Few women can stare at a tv or computer screen for 6 hours straight playing a video game and not want to hurt someone in the real world. On the other hand, a guy can only handle about 10 minutes of talking about relationships before running to a football game. Of course the ultimate roommate is the professional nerd. This clean and respectful person will go out of their way to make you happy and won’t host any wild parties in your home. They will defy all stereotypes and likely be a dream to live with.

No science is perfect but these are some thoughts to consider before grabbing that boytoy or model as a roommate. Sure there’s always a chance that things could actually work out between the two of you. But guess what! If you do enter into a relationship with this new person, you may find yourself in a situation where it’s no longer cool to charge them rent. Good job lover, you just lost your source of income.

See? You can learn a lot from listening to our friend Sharon. You can learn even more when you find us on Twitter so yeah, go ahead and do that. Until next time, label your food and spin the chore well, see you soon here at Roomies Comic!