the couch surfer

The Couch Surfer

We’re not always the best when it comes to updates and new blog articles on a consistent basis but you forgive us , right? You better! It’s finals week here in the world of Roomies and quite honestly the last thing any of us wanted to do was stare at a screen or words any longer than absolutely necessary. Studying aside though, you, our dear reader, deserves another juicy tidbit to sink your teeth in to eventually and today’s that day. Get ready for today’s blog : The Couch Surfer.

When you live with lots of other people things can get a little weird. I had four roommates at this time : two girls who lived in a master bedroom and got along great. The other two roommates were fantastic except they were always fighting. Beyond being two guys who couldn’t get along at least they paid rent which brings me to the Couch Surfer.

Kenny had been on couches for a long time by the time he started hanging around our home. Parties would end and there he’d still be : welcome at first because crashing there was totally acceptable plus he was an enjoyable person to have breakfast and chat with. Later, as the couch surfing extended to random evenings or even three days at a stretch, not so welcome.

My biggest mistake was drunkenly mentioning “Oh hey, the amount of time you spend sleeping on that couch you should start paying rent. ” Not an hour later I was desperately trying to backpedal what was taken as an offer and not one minute after that hour I was welcoming the newest roommate to this already packed home. The terms were pretty simple : $100 monthly and he slept on the couch, he used the hallway bathroom, he got full kitchen use rights and got to park his car in the back. ¬†Pretty great for all parties involved, right?

Wrong. The only way to describe someone constantly in your living room is that someone is…constantly in your living room! It’s not something that I initially thought would be an issue. The sharing a bathroom portion is also something worth mentioning. Luckily, he stuck around long enough and one of the other roomies moved out. We upgraded our couch surfer to a full roommate and everything worked out.