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Worst Roommate Ever : College Freshman Year Edition

Welcome back! Living with a stranger isn’t all bad, right? How about if that stranger never sleeps and in the middle of the night they move the furniture around? Our guest writer today, Chandra, is going to tell a tale of communal living that will shock and amaze you. Well, maybe not, but it’s still a great story about a terrible roommate. Enjoy!

This year I had a really awesome roommate and we became best friends. What it has reminded me of though is a previous roommate that was just about the worst you could ever imagine. The time frame was my freshman year of college and it was definitely an eye-opening experience to say the least.

I don’t know about the rest of the world but it’s some kind of sick initiation into “adulthood” that they put you and some random stranger, crazy or not, into a 14×10 dorm room and expect you to work it out or else for the entire year.  I was a little nervous about who my roommate would be of course and the college emailed me that summer about who it would be.

The first thing I did was look her up on Facebook. Let’s just call her Karen. I scrolled through her past status updates and for lack of a better word some of her statuses were “weird.” Like, I’m 17 years old and not sure I want to live with this person these are so weird, weird.

My school required that all freshmen move in on the same day and that way you can do all kinds of bonding experiences that first night. I move in at 3 o’clock and Karen isn’t there. I spent the whole day at orientation with the other freshmen and didn’t get back to the dorm room until around 10PM. After an emotional day (saying goodbye to my parents, new college, etc. )  I was exhausted. Guess who’s there in the middle of the night with her whole family acting awkward? It’s Karen! Karen’s dad books it out of there and leaves me and Karen staring at each other oddly.

That night at about 4AM…Karen started screaming. Things didn’t get better from there because Karen was an insomniac. Karen also slept on the floor. She tilted her bed on the side and literally slept on the floor. When Karen couldn’t sleep she liked to make toast, laugh loudly at internet videos, vacuum, open and close books abnormally loudly, bounce balls off the wall, anything you can think of that would be against sleeping.

One day I leave for the weekend and come back on Sunday night to see that all of Karen’s stuff is gone. On the whiteboard it just says “I moved. – Karen. ”

Thanks to Chandra for that harrowing tale of communal life. Stay tuned for next time as we further explore the trials and tribulations of living with other people.