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Jonathon AKA The Cat Who Hated Me

We’ve had some great guest bloggers recently but it’s time to get personal again. The names have not been changed in this story because absolutely no one is innocent, including the man typing these keys right now. I’d like to assure any and all eyeball owners reading this now that I do not abuse or tolerate the abuse of animals. Juicy disclaimer huh? Read on to see why I think it’s necessary.

There’s a lot of things in life that you don’t plan for and it bites you in the bottom. Folks spend and spend and spend and get upset when the final bill comes. Some people eat and eat and eat and get confused when they end up fat. For me, the unexpected came in the form of a crying kitten at my girlfriend’s house.

On a visit to my then gal Stella’s place things were going just as they usually did : boring and mundane, just the way I like it. As I was saying my goodbyes after a weekend well spent hanging out with her and her family there came a pitiful cry from one of their bushes in the front yard. “Meow!” The obvious became apparent pretty quickly when Stella produced a little orange kitten from beneath the bush. “Oh he’s so cute!” and other exclamations erupted as her and her sister found the cat’s predicament and physical form to be equally enthralling. The inevitable question of “can we keep him?” came up and I was grinning my big dumb face off in the sudden knowledge that of course I wouldn’t have to care for this kitten, all I have to do is keep smiling and nodding until I can get into my car and drive away from this new responsibility. Oh how wrong I was!

The debate ensued between Stella and her parents; she of course took the side that the kitten should be immediately adopted and since she lived at home with her parents currently it was only a matter of process to officially designate them all as proud new cat owners. The parents of course didn’t see it that way and citing her current ownership of a rabbit named Mr. Pigeon, calmly disagreed that another pet was necessary or even a good idea. ¬†Doubly so for their other daughter who wanted this cat : not enough time, bad track record with pets. There was obviously a stalemate here and I stupidly jumped in to make things “better” :

“Oh wait, I can take the kitten home and then Stella can see him whenever she visits me!”

Oh joy of joys, the room erupted into approval: Daniel will do it! Daniel fixed it, Daniel you’re so kind and generous to take in this animal on your own. I basked in the adoration of my girlfriend and her family. The kitten was immediately named “Jonathon” and we went off to the pet store to acquire some necessaries. We purchased all the beginning cat things and I left that the kitten in their care so I could go back to my apartment and convince my roomies that they too would really love having a cat.

On the two hour drive back to said apartment I began to realize the err of my loud mouth decision to accept responsibility for this fur ball. Not exactly what I had in mind to juggle going to college, partying college style, having a girlfriend and now owning a new kitten. Plus, how as I going to convince the bros at home that this furry friend was a good idea?